Who doesn't love a good Frosty? It gives apple pie a run for its money as the number one American treat. So we built a Facebook app that allows Frosty lovers from across this great land to share their unique ingestion style of the all mighty Frosty. And have a chance to win some cool stuff.


The Frosty Project Facebook application is a contest where users are challenged to submit videos, photos and stories showing off the unique ways they enjoy their Frosty. We developed the application using our proprietary Facebook platform that runs in the cloud and is infinitely scalable due to our implementation of cloud-based video encoding and global content delivery network (CDN) that it uses to serve videos and images.

One of our favorite features on the application is that users do not have to be logged into Facebook to view and enjoy the content. Anyone can access the contest, view anyone’s entry, rate it, and share it without even having a Facebook account. Only when a user opts to enter the contest do they have to log into the app. Building the application in this way has helped reduce friction and thus spur both usage and sharing of content. Although we didn’t get to use it with this project, one of the other really neat things about our platform is that it also allows us to run these types of contests outside of Facebook on practically any website with a virtually seamless integration.

With the launch of this contest we’ve also become one of the first companies to successfully integrate Webtrends’ new Facebook analytics solution. They have an amazing system in place for tracking Facebook applications and the level of detailed metrics, demographics, and usage reporting that we can now provide our clients is astounding.