The only thing more mysterious than the circus itself was its unknown audience. With only peanuts for a budget, we turned an unknown niche property into a sold-out, LA subculture icon.

Cirque Berzerk. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, it’s a dark and erotic adventure of Theater, Art, Music, Dance and Acrobatics. Highly visceral and mesmerizing, the show delves into odd and primal territory, unlike any performance you’ve seen before. Unfortunately for us, this particular circus only had peanuts for a budget. Not to mention a limited schedule and niche audience. In a massively cluttered environment of entertainment such as sports, films and concerts, how do you put butts in the bleachers?

For starters, we leveraged Cirque Berzerk’s macabre imagery and steered straight for the jugular of LA’s subculture. We created a series of sick and twisted videos, and strategically seeded them within the blogosphere, stirring up controversy wherever possible. We even blasted the social networks, not just inviting, but essentially daring people to come to the show. Those brave enough to sign up received a newsletter, touting, “Unwholesome entertainment, not recommended for children.”

Next, we retooled their entire static HTML site from the tent stake up… adding custom content and an overdose of personality. A perfect blend of Flash, After Effects, and Full Motion Video created an eerie, yet entertaining site experience.

To get the word out, we upgraded their search engine optimization, ensuring that Googling anything even remotely close to “LA” & “Circus” would thrust Cirque Berzerk at the top of the heap. Finally, we took to the streets, targeting Los Angeles’ most subversive locales and slathered them with wild postings.

The results were nearly as jaw-dropping as the show itself. In just a few months, web traffic increased by over 1000% and ticket sales were over 700% higher than the previous year. Nothing controversial with success, wouldn’t you agree?