Eat a Chiquita
Welcome to Chiquitaville, a virtual banana utopia chock full of entertainment. Whether it’s a game, a funny video, or a customized sticker generator, the goal of the site was to be whimsical and amusing while reinvigorating the brand.

The website was conceived and created to work seamlessly with the social juggernaut, Facebook,. to drive more traffic by posting updates to users' wall whenever they complete tasks around town. From the very beginning, users can log in using their Facebook ID and password, automatically syncing all relevant information. Creating a sticker, posting a photo, or playing the game triggers an update on the user's wall letting their friends know and inviting them to join in on the fun.

The video game Banana Boogie Battle combines the dance moves of a Dance Dance Revolution game with the finishing moves of Mortal Kombat, or as we like to call it Urban Dance Combat – only the quality of our 3D animation/VFX is even higher. The game runs full screen, and tracks each unique sticker face to the hero banana, which is quite a little technical coup de gras.

Under the peel, the site uses a mix of Flash and ASP.NET / SQL Server Web service back-end for data. Deep linking allows paid placement and external sites to link directly to specific portions of the website for better SEO and linkability.

With we once again did not stop with just developing the site. We created a custom online marketing strategy that leveraged many of the social media platforms to spread the word. We drove eyeballs to the game by creating a teaser trailer of Banana Boogie Battle as well as a developer diary series. This video content lived on a Famous Games Youtube channel and was syndicated on all the major video game portals. The Banana Boogie Battle teaser trailer received over 5000 views in 12 hours and a few hundred comments on

We believe corporate brands can authentically weave their way into people’s online lives. This is a great example of a brand willing to pull and not push and mean it. Chiquita you are definitely the top banana in the corporate tailpipe of America!