We gave the online retailer a complete digital makeover. We upgraded every facet of the site both cosmetically and technically increasing their site traffic by 250 percent.

LogicBUY.com is a website dedicated to bringing you the very best online deals and coupons for the newest tech gadgets, computers, apparel and more. With a plethora of bargain sites out there, our main challenge was to separate LogicBUY.com from other players that offer nearly identical services. Thus, Famous Interactive focused on creating an experience that would maintain traction and gain user loyalty by providing easy-to-use, easy-on-the-eyes, controls that guaranteed total and immediate gratification.

LogicMedia partnered with Famous Interactive in 2006. At that time, LogicMedia owned a couple of other tech-related site properties but had a vision for a new online central hub that would further attract tech enthusiasts and casual shoppers to their web brand. They approached us to provide a solution to their unique vision – a user-generated deal submission website with voting capabilities. With so many deals posted each day, LogicMedia wanted their community to be able to collectively decide which ones are ‘Hot’ or ‘Not’. Not too long afterwards, LogicBUY.com was launched.

Over the next couple of years, what began as deal listing evolved into the premier online destination for the best deals, coupons, and product reviews. As more and more features were planned for the site, a revamp was necessary to sustain a positive user experience.

We began this process by sizing up LogicBUY’s competition and discovering what about them worked and what didn’t. Also, the many years of working on the site along with Google Analytics reports gave our team the invaluable insight on how site visitors behaved. Next, we created a series of site wireframes, each focused on laying out graphical and textual information in the most intuitive and efficient way. This was quite a daunting task, considering there are hundreds of deals uploaded each day.

Visually, we wanted to update LogicBUY’s design to be fresh and vibrant, as the current design from 2006 was outdated. We presented several design concepts that eventually evolved into the site’s new look and feel – with total support from LogicMedia.