Yay! iPhone App
We built a fun iPhone app to compliment their 360 campaign. We translated the “Yay!” tagline into a functional experience, informing consumers of the closest Baskin Robbins location.

The creative for the application was to take the BR "Yay!" tag line and translate that into a functional fun interactive experience on the iPhone and iPod touch. The end result being to drive traffic into the closest BR store to the users location.

The original creative consisted of two-dimensional monochromatic designs for the button and background. Famous added some polish by building the button in 3D and creating a more vibrant world for the button to inhabit. We provided the client with multiple button and background options plus creative ideas for the locator graphic.

The final client approved graphic assets were passed to the Famous Interactive iPhone development team, headed by lead programmer Martin H. The finished application takes advantage of the iPhone and iPod touch's touch screen sensor and built in GPS capabilities. The user simply presses the "Yay!" button and a joyous choir of ice cream loving children scream "Yay!" in perfect harmony. At that moment the uncontrollable urge for BR ice cream takes over and luckily with the press of a button you are given the nearest BR locations to your iPhone, using Google Maps! It is fun, simple and yummy!

The "Yay!" button application was part of Cliff Freeman and Partners directive to tap into the 3 million plus ice cream loving iPhone users. The free application will be available for download at the Apple apps store. The best part is every time the app is downloaded 31 cents is donated to charity! Way to go BR, you are delicious and charitable